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Carol Gracco
Carol Gracco
Haskins Laboratories
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The Institute for Voice and Speech
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Guilford, CT 06537

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Research Affiliate, Haskins Laboratories and
Speech Pathologist, The Institute for Voice and Speech

Project Title
Dr. Carol Gracco received her Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in Speech Science and Communicative Disorders where she directed the Speech Motor Control Laboratories Diagnostic Program. She is certified by the American Speech and Hearing Association and licensed by the State of Connecticut. Dr. Gracco came to Connecticut as a Research Fellow at the Haskins Laboratories where she is currently a senior scientist with research focus in voice and speech disorders sponsored by the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Gracco established the first clinical speech and voice physiology laboratory jointly with Yale and the Haskins Laboratories in 1993. Dr. Gracco has numerous publications in vocal tract disorders and is a noted lecturer in speech science and pathology. Her practice includes voice, neurogenics and swallowing disorders with specialty in diagnostic laryngeal imaging and acoustic analysis.

The Institute for Voice and Speech.