PhD (Neuroscience), National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan, 2014

Research Interests

Research interests: I investigated the functional role of Chinese orthographic structure in character recognition and its psychological and neural underpinnings (via MEG) in my doctoral dissertation. I also study the domain generality of syntactic building mechanisms for numerical and linguistic materials across Chinese and French speakers (via fMRI). Currently, I focused on establishing predictors of functional connectivity in the brain on individual differences in reading and listening comprehension. 


Hung, Y. H., Pallier, C., Dehaene, S., Lin, Y. C., Chang, A., Tzeng, O. J. L., & Wu, D. H. (2015). Neural correlates of merging number words. NeuroImage, 122, 33-43.

Hung, Y.-H., Hung, D. L., Tzeng, O. J. L., & Wu, D. H. (2014). Tracking the temporal dynamics of the processing of phonetic and semantic radicals in Chinese character recognition by MEG. Journal of Neurolinguistics, 29, 42-65.

Hung, Y.-H., Hung, D. L., Tzeng, O. J. L., & Wu, D. H. (2008). Flexible spatial mapping of different notations of numbers in Chinese readers. Cognition, 106(3), 1441-1450.

Grant: NIH Grant RO1 HD-065794 - Neurobiological Predictors of Spoken and Written Language Learning (K. Pugh, PI/A182)

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